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Activities of our Trust can be broadly classified into five categories:

1. Encouragement of meritorious students, especially hailing from Government Schools;

2. Recognizing meritorious students hailing from Schools for specially-abled children;

3. Render financial aid to deserving individuals with inability to meet medical expenses;

4. Assist NGOs who are involved in service to the society, mainly those who take care of old aged people; and

5. Contribute to the Governments during disaster or pandemic.

Hereunder, details of financial assistances which we call as activities are shown, grouped financial year-wise

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Fin. Year # of cases Total amount distributed Remarks
2016-17 3 17000
2017-18 3 22500
2018-19 11 178500 Includes Rs.93000 distributed to 43 meritorious students as cash awards
2019-20 14 219500 Includes Rs.122000 distributed to 74 meritorious students as cash awards
2020-2021 15 500000

Year 2016-17 Year 2017-18 Year 2018-19 Year 2019-20 Year 2020-21

Please find below individual cases of amounts disbursed together with the details of the receiver
Date of payment Disbursement details Amount disbursed
05-Aug-2016 Diocesan Missonary Prayer Band 5,000.00
10-Jan-2017 Paid to Udavum Karangal 7,000.00
09-Feb-2017 Upagary Trust Cuddalore 5,000.00
05-Jul-2017 Madha Cancer Care 10,000.00
09-Jul-2017 Kannaki Nagar Social Welfare Trust 7,500.00
08-May-2018 Anbagam Rehabilatation Centre 10,000.00
24-May-2018 Udavm Ullangal 7,500.00
29-Jun-2018 SAVE THE CHILD 6,000.00
22-Jul-2018 Welfare Assistance to Shri G Meganathan 5,000.00
22-Jul-2018 MIRA Alagarsamy Seva Sangam 10,000.00
22-Jul-2018 Cash Award presented to meritorious Plus II students 93,000.00
21-Aug-2018 Kerala Flood Relief Fund 10,000.00
03-Sep-2018 Sri Venkateswara Orphanage, Thanjavur 10,000.00
01-Dec-2018 Tamil Nadu Cyclone Relief Fund for Gaja Cyclone 10,000.00
17-Dec-2018 Relief to Gaja Cycline victims at Pattukottai District 12,000.00
29-Dec-2018 Friends for the needy - Orphanage for metrally retarded, Thirumullaivoil 5,000.00
04-May-2019 R Hemavathy m/o R Jagan Cancer Patient 7,500.00
04-May-2019 Sakthi Anbu Illam 7,500.00
04-Jun-2019 G Meghanathan, Flower Vendor 5,000.00
06-Jul-2019 LIFE TRUST SALEM 5,000.00
06-Jul-2019 Good Life Centre, Tambaram 5,000.00
06-Jul-2019 Sri Sarada Ashram Ulundurpet 5,000.00
06-Jul-2019 Annai Therasa Charitable Trust 5,000.00
06-Jul-2019 S. Saraswathy (MGR Medical University) 7,500.00
06-Jul-2019 S Rajeswari (SIVET College) 7,500.00
26-Jul-2019 Vela Institution for social action and Development 7,500.00
10-Aug-2019 Cash award to Meritorious students 122,000.00
10-Jan-2020 Anbagam Rehabilatation Centre 10,000.00
07-Feb-2020 HM Corporation School West Mambalam 15,000.00
15-Feb-2020 K Gopalakannan, a poor cancer patient from Salem (Learnt from Newspaper report) 10,000.00
22-Apr-2020 Donation to PMCares for COVID-19 Relief Fund 100,000.00
23-Apr-2020 Donation to Puducherry Government for COVID-19 Relief Fund 50,000.00
24-Apr-2020 Donation to Tamil Nadu Government for COVID-19 Relief Fund 225,000.00
19-May-2020 Aid to families of folk artists, Pantutti by way of Groceries to 20 families 13,000.00
19-May-2020 Aid to families of migrant workers, Minjur by way of Rice & Groceries through Viduthalai Trust (Total number of families 150) 10,000.00
19-May-2020 Financial aid to “Sangeetha Shantham” Cuddalore, an Organization which serves Mentally Challenged people 10,000.00
19-May-2020 Financial aid to MARY Charitable Trust for Mentally Challenged, Vellore 10,000.00
19-May-2020 Financial aid to Wonderful Serving Trust, Madurai, serving Cancer Patients undergoing treatment in Madurai 10,000.00
12-Jun-2020 Home Of Hope, Doddagubbi, Bengaluru, India (New Ark Mission of India) 10,000.00
02-Aug-2020 Construction of Toilets at selvip nagar, a remote hamlet of Adivasis in Nilgiris Dist 10,000.00
02-Aug-2020 Sarada Ashramam Ulundurpet 10,000.00
02-Aug-2020 Shri E S Ranganathan, Cancer Patient, Chennai 10,000.00
02-Aug-2020 United Orphanage for the Disabled, Coimbatore 10,000.00
02-Aug-2020 Amar Seva Sangam, Ayikudi, Tirunelveli 10,000.00
02-Aug-2020 Aiswaryam Trust Madurai 12,000.00